Simple Steps to Financing your Dream Home

securing a new mortgage

The Perfect Mortgage Awaits You

Buying a home with an excellent mortgage in place is one of the single-most important decisions that can be made in a lifetime.  Investing in real estate over time has been proven to increase overall wealth and the stability that comes along with being the owner of your home.

Once you have made your decision to purchase your home, there is a process to follow that will lead to optimal results.  Much like the importance of choosing the right-sized home in the right neighborhood, the appropriate financing terms will affect you for years to come. Clever decision making and strategy are of the utmost importance to paving the path to a very bright and happy future.

Unique Programs with the Best Interest Rates

With time, a home value will appreciate; it has been proven from generation to generation.  It is very important to understand the different types of financing programs that are available to you; each program has its unique effect on your monthly bottom line.  With current interest rates at all-time lows, there has never been a better time to move forward with a mortgage and lock-in on the highly desirable rates.

Here at One Stop Mortgage, we understand the importance of your home buying decision and just how critical the right mortgage is to your future. We take on the leadership role of sifting through the best possible loan programs to ensure that you have financing that suits your lifestyle and financial needs perfectly.

Working with All Credit Conditions

We’ll begin our process with examining your credit rating across the most important scores used by our lenders. Mortgage costs may be significantly influenced by this. Therefore, we never overlook this critical task. Understanding your credit account provides you with time for you to enhance your credit before approaching creditors or repair any mistakes.  And don’t worry about having the perfect score, we have programs to suit all levels, including hard money loans for those that have had challenging financial circumstances recently. We firmly believe that where there is a will, there is a way, and we won’t stop until we examine all of our sources to find your the optimal mortgage.

We’d suggest that you’d postpone any other large purchases around the time of your new home purchase or starting any fresh lines of credit, whether they be new credit cards, vehicle leases or other rental items. Eliminating a credit card that you will no longer use or trying to get a brand new credit card may decrease your credit rating. Any new query into your credit may cause a fall in rating although this is a momentary drop.

Some creditors, including customer banks, credit unions, and commercial banks, may underwrite your new mortgage. We scan every available loan source to give you the best possible options.

The One Stop Mortgage Personalized Service

Here at One Stop Mortgage, our customers are more than just numbers. We understand that each person and family us unique with your sense of aspirations and challenges. If you are in the area, we make ourselves available for in-person meetings to understand your individual needs. Talking face-to-face provides the opportunity obtain instant solutions and to digest issues.  We’ll have questions ready for your that will provide a pre-approval based on your financial profile and overall life situation.

Once you are pre-approved, it’s time to venture out with the best real estate broker that you can find. We can even help you with introductions. Whether you are interested in luxury waterfront homes, condos or investment property, we have financing plans available for any of your needs.

Simple Pr-Approval Process

Once you find your home, we’ll have you ready with the pre-approval documentation.  And once you are under contract, our underwriting process begins moving along with great speed as we monitor and drive the process with our lenders, ensuring maximum follow-up and results toward the closing. You’ll have the perfect loan and terms for your needs.  All fees, points and other costs will be clearly stated, so you will know exactly what will be required for a down payment, closing amount and ongoing monthly payments.

Attention to Detail

The march up to your closing date will be a positive and exciting process as we lead the transaction, making certain that every i is dotted, and t is crossed through our significant experience in closing mortgages. Step into your dream home with a smile with One Stop Mortgage; a beautiful future awaits you.  Our team stands ready to work to create this amazing reality together. Call us today.